The Nineteenth Cycle was a project initially thought of by Stan Richards and fellow Dark Tower Wiki admin at the time, Tom Rowley. In planning the project Tom Rowley left his post and has been unreachable ever since. The project was put on hiatus.

Stan then decided, after becoming more established to The Dark Tower universe and becoming more involved that the project needed to be started anyways.

The Dark Tower XIX: The Nineteenth CycleEdit

Spoliers Warning! Plot details about The Dark Tower Series follow, specifically, the ending of Volume VII: The Dark Tower.

What is the Nineteenth Cycle?Edit

The Nineteenth Cycle is a fan re-write of the entirety of The Dark Tower Series. It is in no way endorced by Stephen King, even though King once wanted to do his own re-write of the Series. The Nineteenth Cycle goes through The Dark Tower Volume I: The Gunslinger to Volume VII: The Dark Tower. Things change in the story, and somethings are added.

Why the Nineteeth Cycle?Edit

So, okay, we know the question on everyone's mind is: Why even bother re-writing an epic Series that turned out so  well by an extremely skilled author?

Fan craving. That's all there is to it. Like Stephen King alludes to in Volume VII, us fans are (to paraphrase), the one's who are never satisfied with the journey, and seek the ending. I (Stan), was satisfied with the "ending" of the Series, but at the same time, I would like to see Roland find actual redemption, and as seen at the end of Volume VII, Roland having the Horn of Eld signifies he is a step closer as he doesn't leave it at Jericho Hill.

Roland must find redemption, and if the story can change, and the past is always in flux like Roland says in Volume IV: Wizard and Glass, then Roland's fate must one day too.

Since Nineteen is such an important number to the Series, we chose this as the key cycle and named it as such, to help Roland find an end.

Enjoy helping with the project or creating your own fan fictions around the Dark Tower! Just abide by the Guidelines. Thank ya, sai.

Stan Richards